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Shri Nathji often narrated the following parable:
Particles of dust on the ground lay thirsty for water. There were clouds above that carried the water. But there was a waiting period. Finally, it rained, and the drops of rain fell down. They touched the mountain peaks first, but slid down to the plains later, where they filled the hollows and pits in the ground. The thirst of the particles of dust that lay in the hollows and pits was satiated and they thanked the drops of rain.
Much to their astonishment, the drops of rain thanked the particles of dust.
‘Why do you thank us?’ the particles of dust asked, ‘it is we who must thank you for coming to us and quenching our thirst!’
‘We thank you for the pits and hollows you reside in. For had you not existed in such shapes, we would have flowed on aimlessly. You gave us a resting place!’ said the drops of water.
Similarly, the empty heart of man provides a resting place for the Grace of God!