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Shri Nathji once found Khanna placing his–Shri Nathji’s–shoes upon his head.
Khannaji! Shri Nathji said, what are you doing? Why have you placed my shoes upon your head?
Khanna said:
Huzoor akal ko thhikaane lagaa rahaa hoon!
“I am trying to still the conflict of intellectualism with your shoes! It occasionally plagues me and disturbs my peace!
Shri Nathji would often say:
Lock your brains and bring your hearts to me! Intellectual reasoning is very limited and can do great harm if it takes you away from the path of God. Just like illness comes to you from within your own body, in a like manner negative thoughts come into you through your own mind! If one were to look upon the legends in religion through the intellect alone, one would begin to disbelieve them.
“For example one would doubt whether Lord Rama was God because of his apparent helplessness when Ravana took away Sitaji; one would doubt how Hanuman could have leapt over the ocean; one would doubt how Lord Krishna could have raised Mount Goverdhan with his finger; one would doubt the birth of Christ from the Virgin Mary, indeed one’s mind would be laid open to hundreds of doubts. But when all these events are seen with the eyes of Faith there is no contradiction. Intellectual reasoning can plunge you into doubt and take you away from God.
“Remember: Doubt, Devil, Decay and Death, go together.”
“When there are doubts in your mind, your faith becomes weak, and you see before you the devil in the form of sorrows and sufferings. And this in turn leads to decay and death, which is the ultimate lot of those without faith.
“However for one who has faith there is the Will of God in everything that happens around him. Sorrows and sufferings do not affect him, and life and death become the orders of God. He is happy in life as well as in death.”