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Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar of Indore said to Shri Nathji after listening to his sermon at Rialto Theatre, Mussoorie: Such peace can only be obtained from you.
Maharaja Tukojirao Holkar used to visit Shri Nathji whenever he came to Mussoorie. He had first come to Shri Nathji in Dehra Dun in the late 1930’s. The Maharaja would take off his shoes at the gate of the house and walk bare-footed to Shri Nathji.
On one occasion at Mussoorie, his secretary was with him, and said to Shri Nathji that the Maharaja was greatly worried and desired peace of mind.
Shri Nathji spoke to him:
Maharaja Sahib, does man worry in a state which he can change or one which he cannot change? If he can change his state, there is no cause for worry. If he cannot change his state then worry is of no use. Thus in either state, worry ceases to have any meaning.
Then Shri Nathji said to the Maharaja:
“Maharaja Sahib aap shaanti ko maangane aaye hain yaa khareedne aaye hain?
“Have you come to beg for peace or have you come here to take it for a price?”
The Maharaja was a proud ruler and had the means to purchase whatever he wanted. His pride would not let him beg for anything and so he said:
“Huzoor, main sachhaa graahak hoon! Huzoor, I am a real customer who would buy with earnestness!”
And Shri Nathji said in a light vein: “Ahaa! What a good fortune. A genuine buyer has come to my shop–and that, too a Maharaja!”
And Shri Nathji continued:
“Maharaja Sahib aap kyaa keemat laaye hain shanti kee? – Maharaja Sahib, what price have you brought for peace of mind?
And the Maharaja said: “Huzoor, at this time I am so much in need of it that I can even place my entire State of Indore at your feet!”
Shri Nathji said:
“So the price you have to offer is the State of Indore. But tell me, if the State of Indore is the price for peace of mind, then why didn’t you get peace of mind in the State itself? And if you didn’t get peace of mind in the State, then how can it be a price for peace of mind!”
“Agar Indore ki State shaanti ki keemat hai to aapko ussee men kyon naheen shaanti mil gayi? Aur agar uss men shaanti naheen milee to phir vo shaanti ki keemat kaise ho sakti hai!”
“When a customer buys something in a shop the price that he gives is generally of greater value than the thing that he buys! How can you buy something with a price which has less value than the thing which you wish to buy?”
“If you go into a shop and wish to purchase a diamond there but you cannot afford the price, the only alternative that you have left is to beg for it from the shopkeeper! – Or else walk away from a shop where you cannot be a buyer!”
The Maharaja understood. His pride in his status vanished and he said: “Huzoor, forgive me for suggesting that I wished to offer a price for peace of mind! I have not come to purchase it –I have come to beg for it!”
And Shri Nathji said:
“The crown on your head is weighing down upon you. Remove it from your head and hold it upside down, and it shall become like a begging bowl!
When one goes before God, one does so as a beggar, for one cannot purchase anything from God, he can only beg from him.
“A person desires peace-shaanti-but he cannot find it in his material possessions. He cannot purchase peace with his wealth. This is so, because when we buy something, the price we pay for it is usually of greater value than the thing we buy. If peace is not inherent in material possessions, how could these become a price for peace?
“One cannot go to God and say: ‘I am willing to give all that I possess to you if you will give me peace of mind in return.’
“One can only beg from his door! And surely the answer will come!
Shri Nathji told the Maharaj the parable of the child and the mother:
A child fell down. He tried to get up with his own efforts. He grasped a curtain, which ripped and fell. He leaned against a table that slid across the floor, he gripped a chair that tumbled. For a long time he continued thus, but when all efforts failed, he cried out loudly for his mother! And the mother left everything in the kitchen and came running to his aid! For as long as man tries to gain peace with his own efforts he remains in uncertainty and fear, but when he cries out to God with a genuine yearning, God comes running to his aid!
Maharaja Indore said: Your Holiness–I have forgotten half of my worries already!