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Shri Nathji was staying in Mussoorie at Silverwood Cottage with R. R. Khanna.  The family of the Bery Brothers of Calcutta had great faith in him. The wife of Permanand Bery visited Shri Nathji every day without fail.
One day she did not come. Instead, her brother came and begged for prasaad- ‘cardamoms.’ His sister was seriously ill. Dr. Bucher of the Main Hospital in Mussoorie met Shri Nathji on the road and said: Nathji, Mrs. Bery is very, very ill! An operation was in the offing.
She was taken to the operation theatre. While she was still conscious, she had a vision of Shri Nathji standing in the operation theatre and smiling: Mrs. Bery, nothing is wrong with you! Shri Nathji said, and disappeared.
The operation was cancelled by the surgeon, for medical reasons. Mrs. Bery recovered without it.  Permanand Bery came to Shri Nathji and said:
We had read of such cures being carried out by the rishis and saints of old. Can there be a greater miracle than the recovery of my wife? You have given her a new life.
Later, Mrs. Bery was to say this to Shri Nathji:
When I remembered you and prayed to you, I was able to surmount a very severe illness. But on one occasion, I failed to think of you and a minor illness became more than I could endure!