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Once Khanna said to Shri Nathji in a mood of great spiritual elation:
Huzoor agar aap  kaho to main saari kothi ko aag lagaa doon!
“Huzoor if you order me I can set fire to my whole house!
When Shri Nathji first went to Khanna’s house at Lucknow, Khanna had been living at No. l Rai Parag Narain Road. However, as the years passed, Khanna built his own house at Lucknow and named it Nath Niketan, after the name of Shri Nathji. He placed a photograph of Shri Nathji in the foundation of the house when it was being built. Various saints and sages who had a deep reverence for Shri Nathji helped lay the foundation of the house with their own hands.