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Washington D.C.
Sept. 3, 1934.
I am honoured that you have written a personal letter to me and also sent me excerpts from your teachings and philosophy. Your teachings are very similar to what we get in our Rosicrucian Brotherhood. I like your definition of Impurities. One of the Supreme Commands of Lord Jesus was: Love ye one another.
I do not know how to thank you for all your kind words and your prayers and wishes. I can only show my appreciation by doing what I can to make Divine Love known.
Zarathrustra (Zoroaster) is one whom I greatly loved. I also have great love for Buddha, and Lord Krishna and Confucius. I have read all their lives. None but the God of my heart knows how I love Great Souls, and so I love you greatly, for, you are one of them and one with them.
One pays homage to God by living the Godly life. But how does one pay homage to a Master of Divine Love?
You represent to me all that is divine in man. Words are so futile when one wishes to express what lies deep in one’s heart. And for the Divine Love you have given me, I live a better and purer life.
Yours Sister in Truth,
Ema Ploner