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Those who began by opposing Shri Nathji ended by loving Him, and becoming His, forever.
An instance of conflict was seen in Mathura, the land where Lord Krishna roamed once. Shri Nathji had gone to the city along with R.R.Khanna sometime in the 1930’s. It was a great moment for the city. Little did its inhabitants know that Lord Krishna had come to Mathura again as Shri Nathji. At Vishram Ghat, the place where Lord Krishna had vanquished the evil Kansa, Shri Nathji was surrounded by a large crowd of pandaas-professional priests, Brahmins and pandits, who wanted to know who he was! It was a strange sight. The worshippers of Lord Krishna were asking him who he was!
Aap kiss des ke vaasi hain? To which place do you belong? they asked Shri Nathji as they thronged around him.
Their queries became too numerous and boisterous and they began touching Shri Nathji on his shoulder. At this R.R.Khanna flared up and warned them to behave themselves. The pandaas thereupon became belligerent, and were on the verge of manhandling Khanna, when a group of students of the Lucknow University arrived on the scene. On seeing their Registrar surrounded by a large group of pandaas, the students came to his rescue. And, very shortly, two ferocious armies of men were facing each other– the pandaas and the students. Shri Nathji, however, pacified both the groups and they went their separate ways.
Later that night, Shri Nathji gave a sermon to a large gathering of people at Mathura. The sermon was frequently interrupted by the pandaas and the ringing of bells. R.R.Khanna was upset. He shouted at the priests to stop the ringing, and at the pandaas to desist from the noise. The University students were no longer there, and this had caused the pandaas to become bold. They continued to shout and yell even as Shri Nathji tried to speak. The friend of R.R.Khanna, who had organised the meeting, suggested that the sermon be abandoned. 
How can I tell Shri Nathji to stop speaking? R.R.Khanna said.
What do you want? Shri Nathji called out to the pandaas who sat far away from the dais.
We want to ask some questions! a voice yelled from the back of the crowd.
Come close to me and ask what you will! Shri Nathji said to the man.
The pandaa came running up to the dais, looked up at Shri Nathji’s face, and became quiet all of a sudden.
What is your question? Shri Nathji asked him.
Nothing,” said the pandaa, sitting down with awe, I have no question to ask!
The shouting continued, however, and Shri Nathji began calling the pandaas towards the dais. No sooner would they reach the dais than something would happen to them and they would sit down in silence with awe and reverence.
When Shri Nathji called out to the remaining pandaas in the back, asking them to come to the front, they said:
No, we won’t!  Something happens to those who go to the front!”
“Vahaan jaakar to kuchh ho jaataa hai!
Albeit the noise subsided, and Shri Nathji spoke with great power, the effulgence of his light divine enveloping all present. When he had finished speaking, the first to come to him were the pandaas. With folded hands, they bent down on their knees and sought forgiveness from him. We have but one question now, they said, when will you speak to us again?
Only after ten thousand years! said an unrelenting R.R.Khanna in a huff!
Shri Nathji’s spiritual light was so powerful that not only could it convert an atheist to a believer, it could also convert an enemy to a friend.