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In the late 1920’s Rai Bahadur Devi Chand of Gurudaspur, Punjab, used to say to the youthful Shri Nathji: Permit me to make a prophecy: there shall be no greater speaker than you in the world.
Shri Devi Chand would frequently say to Shri Nathji: The manner in which you fit in an Urdu or Persian verse, in exactly the place where it belongs, whenever you speak, is absolutely amazing!
Shri Nathji was staying at Shri Devi Chand’s house and had developed a stomach ailment. Shri Devi Chand brought veget­able pills for Shri Nathji and requested him to take them. But Shri Nathji cured himself without them. That very day he spoke to a large audience in the fulness of his radiant spiritual power. The sluggishness in his system disappeared. The greatest medi­cine for Shri Nathji’s physical body was the nectar of Divine Love he gave to thirsty souls. As he would say:
Shaadbaash ai ishqe khush saudaaya maa
Vai tabeebe jumlaa illat haaye maa!
O my Love Divine! May thou live long!
For thou hast healed me of all my infirmities.