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After Shri Nathji had met Khanna for the first time at Mussoorie in 1929, he went to live with Khanna at Lucknow for a few months before returning to Amritsar to be with Shri Babaji Maharaj.
In the subsequent summers of 1930, 1931 and 1932, Shri Nathji returned to Mussoorie and was persuaded by Khanna to stay with him each time, for the duration of his stay at Mussoorie.
After Shri Nathji had spent the summer with Khanna at his house in Mussoorie, Khanna would take Shri Nathji to live with him at Lucknow, and later Shri Nathji would return to Amritsar. Khanna’s Lucknow address at No.1 Rai Prag Narain Road thereafter became an address for Shri Nathji for several years.
Khanna lived at Silverwood Cottage at Charleville en route to Company Garden, and Shri Nathji found a very peaceful atmosphere there, which was conducive to writing. He wrote part of the biography of Shri Babaji Maharaj in 1932, while living at Silverwood Cottage at Mussoorie, and the remainder at Lucknow.
It was a divine thesis of spirituality that ran into 400 pages in Urdu and Persian. All who read it in later years when it was printed were amazed at the spiritual revelations set down in the book. People came to the conclusion that the book could not have been written by human hands.
R.R. Khanna wrote the foreword to the book in which he called himself a sinner and duniyaa kaa kuttaa- a dog of the world who had been granted an undeserved status in life by Shri Nathji. Such indeed was his state of humility before the Divine.