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Shri Nathji’s fame spread all over Lucknow, and, indeed, all over the state of U.P. When Shri Nathji left Lucknow in 1935, the railway station was full of people weeping. This caused a man to remark: Is he going abroad? The people told him Shri Nathji was going from Lucknow to Lahore. I wonder what would happen to those gathered here if Shri Nathji were going abroad! They hardly seem to be able to bear his going to Lahore!
And when the train left the platform, men, women and children ran after it in tears. Such was the Love of God in human form. Souls which had been seeking God since eternity, and which had found Him in the body of Shri Nathji, could hardly be expected to endure the thought of separation again.