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A family who were returning from Mussoorie after securing the darshan and blessings of Shri Nathji found their car suddenly veering off the edge of the mountain road. Before they knew it, the car had gone over the edge of the cliff, and would have been smashed to pieces in the ravine hundreds of feet below–when, by a miracle, a tree came in its path and it stopped. All the persons in the car escaped without any injuries.
In the car were the parents of a young man and their daughter-in-law. The mother said: It was surely Shri Nathji’s Blessings that saved us today! Let us go and thank him. Unhonen bachaa liyaa!”
Her daughter-in-law, however, added: “If he had to save us then why did he allow us to fall in the first place? Agar bachaanaa hee thhaa to giraayaa kyon!”
When they came before Shri Nathji, the lady said: Maharaj, we wish to thank you for saving our lives in the dreadful accident we had. Surely it was you who caused that tree to be placed along the path or else we would have died in the fall. But my daughter-in-law keeps saying to me:
‘If Shri Nathji were going to save us why did he allow the car to fall in the first place? – Agar bachaanaa hee thhaa to giraayaa kyon?’”
Shri Nathji laughed and said: “If the car had not been allowed to fall how would you have known that you had been saved!
“Agar giraayaa na hotaa to pataa kaise lagtaa ke bachaayaa hai!
“It is only when troubles come in life that you can feel the helping hand of God.”
Shri Nathji’s words were ringing true:
Establish a relationship with God before any troubles come to you so that when the troubles come, He will be there to protect you even without your asking. Prayer is a very limited thing. There are many situations in life when you cannot pray at all – when some sudden calamity hits you, when you are asleep or unconscious. At such moments if you have already established a relationship with God, He will come to your help unasked!
He also used to say:
My Blessings will remain with you like the air that sustains you all the time but remains invisible!