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A Civil Surgeon, who came to Shri Nathji in Mussoorie, had this incident to narrate.
He had been a worshipper of Lord Krishna and each time he meditated Lord Krishna appeared in his meditation. This had been going on for the past twenty years.
On the day he met Shri Nathji on the Camel’s Back Road Mussoorie, Lord Krishna did not come to him in his meditation. This perturbed him no end.
The next day when he tried to meditate upon Lord Krishna again, he saw Shri Nathji in his meditation. This alarmed him, because he was accustomed to seeing Lord Krishna. He opened his eyes, and then made another effort to medi­tate. Shri Nathji came before him, again. He got up from the meditation room and began pacing the verandah of his house hoping to shake off the image of Shri Nathji from his mind. But whenever he tried to meditate, Shri Nathji persisted in his meditation.
In desperation, he began to weep. Calling upon Lord Krishna, he cried: Lord Krishna! Why have you forsaken me!
And he had a vision of Lord Krishna.
He cried out O Lord! Why have you stopped coming to me, and why does Shri Nathji come instead?
In the words of the Civil Surgeon: Bhagwan Krishna to aaye magar barri daant parri unse! Lord Krishna appeared before me but he was very angry as he said:
O Doctor! Kyaa ye roop meraa tujhe buraa lagtaa hai? Do you not like the form of Shri Nathji that appears before you? Does his beauty not fill your heart with bliss? Does his voice not bring a peace to your soul?
Yes, said the doctor, yes!
And Lord Krishna added: Then meditate upon Shri Nathji. I did not appear before you as Lord Krishna because I exist in the present age as Shri Nathji.
When the Civil Surgeon met Shri Nathji again, he prostrated full length before him and said his life had found fulfilment. The Lord Krishna of his meditations had appeared before him as Shri Nathji in human form in the modern age.