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Numerous were the persons who had been converted at Amritsar itself, amongst which were Ram Gopal Mehra, a relative of R.R. Khanna, and the Bery brothers – Atmaram Bery and Permanand Bery of Calcutta. Their sister, Tara Devi, had received such a powerful divine touch from Shri Babaji Maharaj that she would fall into a swoon whenever anyone even mentioned the name of Shri Babaji Maharaj.
A learned Swami of Amritsar said to Shri Nathji: Sir we have to look to you to convince the intellectuals of our age, who are beyond our ken. Only you can bring home eternal truths to them like no one has ever before!  He would send a small token of a hundred rupees as guru dakshina on Guru Poornima day to Shri Nathji and would frequently beseeach Shri Nathji to come and speak to his followers. Whenever he met Shri Nathji, he would unhesitatingly bow down before him and touch his feet.
The Swami had studied Shri Nathji’s masterpiece on spirituality Payaame Muhabbat and always quoted from it in his lectures. He had been so taken up by Shri Nathji’s poetry in the book that he would religiously begin his assemblies with a poem Shri Nathji had composed in the book:
Saakiyaa hamko jahaan men ab too aisaa jaam de
Jo hamaare kalbe muztar ko bhee kuch aaraam de
O Saki, give us such a cup in the world today
Which may fill our restless hearts with rest
At Amritsar there were the loyal Sikh devotees of Shri Nathji–Sardar Basant Singh, Sardar Sohan Singh, and Aroor Singh Gyani, as also Dwarka Singh, all of whom had a history of association with him. Of these, Basant Singh and Sohan Singh were to remain with Shri Nathji for long periods of time specifically to serve him as his personal attendants.