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For years, Shri Nathji had given no thought to his own body. He had met people all day long without a break, from morning till night, forgetting even his food and sleep. Khanna sought to rectify that. He would allow people by appointment only, at certain hours. This was something the devotees of Shri Nathji were not accustomed to–restrictions! As a consequence of this, a large section of the people in Lucknow began grumbling against Khanna.
The selfish streak in people would make them impose upon Shri Nathji’s time at their own convenience. People would have a train to catch, or an appointment elsewhere, and insist upon meeting Shri Nathji on the spot, because he gave so readily of himself.
Shri Nathji often said: “I have made myself so readily freely that people have forgotten my worth. The air is around you all the time and sustains your life all the time, but you never even think of it because it is so freely available all the time.”
Khanna was greatly concerned at the manner in which people took advantage of Shri Nathji’s good nature, and would not allow people to disturb Shri Nathji more than was necessary. However, people began to resent the appointment hours that Khanna had set down for them.
Khanna would say to Shri Nathji: Huzoor saaraaa Lucknow meraa dushman ho gayaa hai! The entire city of Lucknow has become inimical to me!
A certain man came for Shri Nathji’s darshan late in the night and insisted that he be admitted into the house. Khanna would not hear of it, and he slammed the door shut and bolted it from inside.
The man shouted from the door: I won’t go until I have had his darshan!
Khanna threatened to call the police and have the man removed. The man moved away to the road outside the house and said: “ I am not trespassing inside your house, as I am here on the road. I will wait here all night till I am allowed to meet Shri Nathji!” He continued so for a long time in the dark street outside.
Shri Nathji could not bear to see him thus, and he went out of the house and told the man he was ready to see him. The man was terribly excited and refused to recognise Shri Nathji in the darkness.
I tell you, I won’t go until I have had his darshan! he continued to shout.
The man finally relented and left. He came again in the morning and introduced himself properly. He turned out to be an advocate from Kanpur, and was a guest of the Chief Justice at Lucknow. He met Shri Nathji and begged forgiveness of him, and said: Your body is very valuable to the world and it must be looked after with the utmost of care. I had heard how Khanna had been attending to you – and I wanted to test him last night!