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There was the Sessions Judge who met Shri Nathji on the Mall Road at Mussoorie and who said: Sir, do you know that I have been earnestly praying to God to become a High Court Judge and I have got nowhere? I am beginning to doubt the existence of God. How can He exist, who does not hear?
Shri Nathji asked the judge, Did He ever answer your prayers before this?
Yes, said the Judge, quite frequently.
In that case how can He not exist? said Shri Nathji,  if out of ten prayers he answers nine, how can you say he does not exist just because he does not answer one? His silence can only mean that He knows what is for your own betterment. He is probably waiting to give you something better than you have prayed for.
Later, the judge informed him by a letter that Shri Nathji had been right.
Shri Nathji used to say:
“When God listens to your prayers, He comes down to your level, and when He does not listen to your prayers, He takes you up to His own level!