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The revolution in the country had been a bloodless one. It was an example for the whole world.
It was a spiritual revolution. And, strangely enough, the name of God was on the lips of all the Opposition leaders even as they fought the elections with determination. God is with me, Morarji Desai had declared.
God was with them during those days, at any rate, even if not later. When the Janata Party was first formed, its Flag went around on vehi­cles in various parts of the Capital. On one occasion, when Priya Nath spotted the flag for the first time, he called out to Shri Nathji, saying: Bless that flag! It has a spiritual colour!
If nothing in the world could happen without the Will of God, surely the elections and their results were an outcome of that Divine Will. As Priya Nath wrote in the Blitz: It’s nice to see God re-instated in Indian Politics! Priya Nath recounted the miracles of God that had ruled the election in the country. His article was adjudged the best amongst all sent to the weekly on the subject of the elections.
There were hundreds and thousands who breathed a sigh of relief as the grim spectre of the Emergency was lifted from the country. Both the Congress as well as the Janata looked forward to a fresh lease in the political life of the coun­try. The Emergency had been like a Frankenstein monster inadvertently created, which had engulfed the oppressed as well as the oppressors in its viciousness. Both heaved a sigh of relief.