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One reason why people never knew of Shri Nathji’s whereabouts was because of the absolute inconspicuous manner of his living. No advertisements, no propaganda, would herald his arrival or departure from a city. No bill-boards would be placed outside his residence or anywhere else indicating his presence there. It was a measure of his humble living that his residence in Mussoorie contained nothing more than Savitri Nivas written outside the gate. Spirituality was not a profession for him.
As Mrs. Chaudhri of New Delhi was to say:
I have visited so many mahatmas, rishis, yogis and the like–and there is so much aadambar, so much external show, so much of propping up of spiritual values, so much proselytising everywhere, that it is like a profession!
“But O Bhola Nathji! Here you are in Delhi–hidden like a precious diamond that no one is aware of! With a divine beauty like yours, you could have been the King of all mahatmas in the world! But you have effaced yourself so completely. It is the bad luck of people that they do not know of you–a living God, in their midst.
There was Shri Nathji’s Verse:

Bhes badle maihfile agyaar men baithe hain ham
Vo samjhte hain koyi opraa saa aur hai

I sit in disguise amidst a gathering of strangers,
They look upon me as an outsider from somewhere else!

Shri Nathji stayed on in Mussoorie till February 1977, and came down to Delhi only when the weather in Delhi had become hot, leading Shri Dhasmana, the neighbour of Shri Nathji at Sarvodya Enclave, to remark in a humorous vein:
“Now that Shri Maharajji has spent the winters in the hills he will spend the summers in the plains..”
This was just the opposite of what other people did. There was no worldly logic to Shri Nathji’s movements which were dictated by the will of the devotees, so that he had to go wherever a genuine desire for him existed.