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Six hundred million people had undergone a change in destiny within a short time. Never before had the world witnessed such a powerful bloodless war.
It had been a strange Mahabharata. Lord Krishna had not involved himself in the war directly, this time. In the form of Shri Nathji, he had sat within the four walls of a room and guided the minds and hearts of men, as also their affairs.
Unknown to the world, it was the Unseen Power of Shri Nathji that held sway over the events of the Indian election of 1977 which shook the whole world.
Shri Nathji never spoke of his hand in the election, but his devotees knew that everything that had happened was a measure of his will.
As Mrs. Chaudhri was to say: It became obvious after a while that some powerful divine force was acting for the Janata Party! They could not have achieved anything of their own accord!
Though in later years, Shri Nathji was to become greatly disillusioned with the leaders of the new party which had come into being almost as an ‘avatar’ of the will of God–his admiration for their undaunted courage against insuperable odds at the time of the elections always lived long in his mind.
When news of Indira Gandhi’s defeat reached Shri Nathji in the dark hours of the early morning, he went into a deep­ silence. Mrs. Gandhi was very dear to him. There was a melancholic look upon his face–it was the look of a father who had just punished his earring child and who had been hurt by the punishment more than the child itself. Shri Nathji was the Universal father. He had to look after all his children.
Never once was Indira Gandhi aware of the protecting force of Shri Nathji around her, far less of the actual existence of Shri Nathji in India. As later events were to show, she not only recovered from the greatest setback in her life, but also came back with a vengeance.
O Maharajji! Mrs. Chaudhri had pleaded with Shri Nathji, Please help her! She has been deserted and betrayed by her friends and subordinates! Save her!
As if in answer to Mrs. Chaudhri’s prayers, Mrs. Gandhi began to rise again. She formed a new party and won the election.
As the Universal Father, Shri Nathji always came to the aid of the weaker child. His justice was mercy.
And thus the cycle of victory and defeat was to continue in India and, indeed, in the rest of the world. The Creator sat silently inside a small room, as a human being on earth, watching the drama of his own creation. As Shri Nathji would say:

“Baazi chai ittfaal hai duniyaan mere aage
Hotaa hai shaboroz tamaashaa mere aage

It is but a play of children–this world before me!
I see this play enacted, day and night, before me!”

“Ai baadshaah! Duniyaan ke hain mohre meri shatranj ke,
Dillagee ki chaal hai sab rang sulho jang ke

O Emperors! This world is a chess-board before me
It is but a whimsical move–this shade of peace and war.”