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The Emergency was still going on in India and people were reeling under its oppression. There seemed to be no respite from the large-scale arrests, torments and fear. Everyone was saying that Mrs. Gandhi had declared the Emergency to keep herself perpetually in power and that the Emergency would never be lifted, and would become a way of life for the people of India.
And then came Shri Nathji’s miracle. Elections were declared by Indira Gandhi very suddenly, in March 1977 when she could very well have perpetuated herself in power without them.
It was a divine power that put the impulse in her mind. The second miracle was the coming together of the disparate opposition groups under the banner of a Janata Party. The third miracle was the extra-ordinary courage and energy that old and sick men, like Jaya Prakash Narayan, suddenly appeared to possess. The fourth miracle was the defection of a top political figure from Indira’s government–Jagjivan Ram. The fifth miracle was the manner in which the poor bedraggled Janata Party captured the hearts of the people. The little orange and green flag rode high on the helm of victory. The minds of the voters were guided by an unseen power. The ultimate miracle was the fall of Indira Gandhi–an event that was unbelieveable for most people in the world.
A divine power has ruled this election, said the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian religious leaders of the country together in one voice.
Much before the election results were declared, Indira Gandhi had sought and secured the blessings of all saints and sages in the country for a victory.
Mrs. Chaudhri, who was a close friend of Indira Gandhi, and a devotee of Shri Nathji, had come to his darbaar and said: Maharajji–please let Indira Gandhi win the election! But Shri Nathji had remained silent. He knew what was for the betterment of all. He knew it was for the betterment of Indira Gandhi that she lose.
And Indira Gandhi lost. She had sought the blessings of all the saints and sages in the country, but she had not sought the blessings of God.
And whatever become of all the blessings assuring her of victory? someone asked.
They were cancelled, Priya Nath said, the blessings of saints and sages could only act in unison with the will of God, and not otherwise!