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However, ill-health for Shri Nathji was simply a means of blessing the members of the medical profession. Shri Nathji was particularly fond of Dr. Jwala Prasad of Mussoorie who attended to him with great reverence and faith. Shri Nathji would often say to him: In your hands exist davaa as will as duaa–medicine as well as prayer! When one fails, the other succeeds!
Dr. Jwala Prasad had, as a youth, heard Shri Nathji’s sermon in Lucknow. At the time, he was troubled by some problem in life. What Shri Nathji said in his sermon, immediately went to his heart and gave him peace of mind. Dr. Jwala Prasad never forgot the incident.
There were hundreds and thousands of people who had met Shri Nathji only once in their lives–but Shri Nathji’s words had entered their inner beings, and his waves of love divine had brought instant peace to their hearts.
Each and every moment that the avatar gave of his life to the world was more precious than the fruits of thousands of Karmas. Humanity was passing through a golden age.