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Dr. Kapoor Singh came frequently for the darshan and blessings of Shri Nathji at Kirti Nagar. Tears would come into his eyes each time he was near Shri Nathji. A deep inner relationship was formed between the two. Sardar Kapoor Singh was always concerned about Shri Nathji’s health.When he noticed Shri Nathji with two front teeth lost, he immediately said:
Huzoor, we look upon you as beautiful. Your entire existence is to give happiness to others. We know you have no concern for your body–but it gives us immense happiness to see your body properly looked after. We wish to see you in the finest of clothes and the best of health. We would not have you move about with missing teeth, like Gandhi! It suited his attire and personality, but not yours!
He immediately brought a dentist to attend to Shri Nathji’s teeth, and clapped with joy when he saw Shri Nathji with the new dentures. God had replaced the teeth of His own creation with those made by man.
It turned out that the dentist was a spiritually thirsty soul himself, a certain Dr. Sethi of Delhi, who had numerous spiritual queries in his mind. Meeting Shri Nathji was a revelation.
Perhaps it was to bless the soul of this genuine seeker after truth that Shri Nathji had caused his teeth to break. It was thus that the avatar interacted with the world.  All the professionals who served him with their professions were destined to receive his blessings in their lives.