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June 23, 1968 was celebrated by Shri Nathji in a very quiet way at South Extension. This was the first birthday of Shri Nathji after the going away of Mateshwari. Without Mateshwari, the occasion had lost its prime moving force.
There were the devotees from Maharashtra: Shri Narsikar and his family, Shri Tanksale, Shri Tekade, Shri Gajanan Kerhalkar, and their families as well as the devotees from Akola.
There were the devotees of Delhi, the Talwars, the Bahls, Shakuntala Mehra, Mata Tara Devi, Rajinder Kohli and others of Delhi. It was but a very small gathering in contrast to the large gatherings at Mussoorie. However, Shri Nathji’s divine light shone as powerfully as ever, and he spread his love and bliss to the whole world from that drawing room at South Extension. Priya Nath played upon his guitar. There was Aarti and prasaad and the function came to an end.