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Shri Nathji had injured his front tooth in 1937 when he was in Shillong in a car being driven by Shri Kasinath Saikia, a member of the legislative council.
As the man had begin to boast of his driving ability, the car had taken a precarious turn and gone over the edge of a cliff.
It was only Shri Nathji’s miracle that had saved the car from falling hundreds of feet down below. Shri Nathji had an injured tooth, while Kasinath Saikia was unhurt.
“O Nathji!” Kasinath had lamented, “why did you have to have this injury while you were with me?”
And Shri Nathji had replied:
“So that you would have no injury while you were with me!”
In the 1970’s Shri Nathji’s teeth had again been dislodged in an unfortunate accident. A taxi driver had bent down to touch his feet, and, while Shri Nathji had bent over to pat him on his back, the taxi driver had suddenly got up, thus hitting his head against Shri Nathji’s teeth. Shri Nathji had blessed the man cheerfully, without letting him know of the accident, and had taken his taxi home. It was yet another opportunity given by Shri Nathji to Dr. Sethi the dentist to attend to him.
All the physical infirmities that came to Shri Nathji were meant to give salvation to the doctors who attended upon him.