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The start of 1969 saw Shri Nathji, Pran Nath and Priya Nath living at Lodi Hotel. The crowds at South Extension had become so persistent and the place had become so uncomfortably crowded, that Shri Nathji and the boys decided to take a rest. Their health had begun to give way from the suffocating atmosphere of the ground floor flat and the constant stream of visitors with the perennial knocking at the door.
Shri Nathji had booked rooms No. 50 and 51 at the hotel and lived there in seclusion for three months, going out but occasionally to the city. However, the devotees found out about their presence there because of an inadvertent invitation card sent out by Sahadeva Tayal on the 21st of January 1969, on Shri Babaji’s birthday.
The manager of the hotel, a certain Mr. Gupta, had been a seeking soul. Perhaps it was to satiate the hidden thirst in him that Shri Nathji had to go to the hotel, or perhaps, it was to give his darshan to the numerous waiters and staff at the hotel or the numerous passengers who stayed there, who would otherwise never have got a glimpse of him.