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Shri Narsikar would save his year’s earnings to make large-sized coloured portraits of Shri Nathji and Mateshwari.
Over the years he had built up a large collection of such incredibly beautiful photographs in his house, of every age and pose that Shri Nathji had ever been photographed in. It was rumoured that he had even sold his wife’s jewellery to make and enlarge such portraits.
He had a large bust of Mateshwari in statue-form made and placed at his home in Nagpur. He would purchase new sarees for Mateshwari every year, and in many ways, pray to the statue as if it were Mateshwari incarnate. This was the first ever Temple of Mateshwari in the world.
It was through the faith of Shri Narsikar that many people in Nagpur came to be attracted towards Shri Nathji. Though he was poor, as a superintendent in the telegraph office, but he never prayed to Shri Nathji for wealth. Shri Nathji, himself, was the greatest wealth that his devotees possessed.
If I had given you money you might have become like the rich of today, absorbed in the wealth, and lost the great treasure of faith I have given you! Shri Nathji would say to them.
As Shri Urhekar would often write to Shri Nathji, quoting Shri Nathji’s verse:

Tere dar se maangane vaalaa naheen khaali gayaa
Toone har muflis kaa daaman motiyon se bhar diyaa

No beggar was sent away empty from thy door,
Thou didst fill every begging bowl with pearls.