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Mrs. Chaudhri wrote a letter to Priya Nath in later days in which she expressed her devotion to Shri Nathji and recounted the history of her conversion and narrated in detail the miracles that she had been experiencing ever since she had met Shri Nathji:

Mrs. S. Chaudhri                        
W/o (late), Shri Sadhu Ram Chaudhri
Inspector General (I.G.P.)
New Delhi.
“O Priyaji!
God above my head I am writing you the real truth about my Living God. I shall always call him this. I am so grateful to him. I have not enough words to thank Shri Maharajji for all he has done for my family and me
I repeat, for me he is a Living God. When I first met Shri Maharajji, I was in a lot of worldly difficulties. Maharajji has an eternal eye, and by his grace all my obstacles were removed. It was his kindness.
Shri Maharajji is the only person whose feet I have ever touched, and from whom I have received such Peace.
Whenever and wherever I am in a great difficulty I just close my eyes and say: ‘Oh my Bhola Nathji, you should take me out from this difficulty!’ As soon as I close my eyes what a wonderful vision I have of Maharajji! He laughs and listens to me! His laugh takes me to heaven and my heart becomes very light, and my problems are solved.
It was in New Delhi. It was the first instance of my belief. I had very little faith in gurus, matas, and holy men, as in India one rarely comes across the real ones. Most are after name and fame and want to collect a large number of followers etc.
But I met Maharajji in the capacity of a landlady–and changed into something else! I was involved in a complicated case and if the decision had gone against me I would have suffered no end of loss. I went to Maharajji and told him the decision was next day and it was bound to be against me. He smiled, but said nothing. I wanted some good wishes from him and requested him to say something, but he smiled again! The next day I was struck with wonder! The decision was in my favour! It was totally unexpected! I rushed to Maharajji in the burning heat of the afternoon and thanked him!
To take only one little example, I was afraid my son would fail an important examination which could spoil his career. His superior had already become annoyed with him and had told him he would fail him! It was a hopeless task! But I did not lose heart. He went for the examination and I shut my eyes and sat before my God, Nathji–Oh, but I always call him my Bhola Nathji!–I prayed to him! ‘I have such great faith in you! I don’t want this disgrace, that everyone should pass and not my son!’
I saw his smiling face and his hand was raised, which was a gesture that I understood. He was saying: Why are you worrying? And after three or four hours my son came and said: I have passed! Some miracle has happened!
How happy I felt, and I told my son it is my Living God, Bhola Nathji, who has saved you! This is but a small miracle. I can write a book of miracles about Bhola Nathji and how he has freed me of worldly troubles!
Just now I was writing this long letter. My doctor came in and asked me why I was exerting myself when he had advised complete rest for my blood pressure. I told him I was writing about my Guruji. He said: ‘Why don’t you ask him to make you well?’
I replied: ‘I don’t want to bother him for such small things!’ And then I spoke to him about my Bhola Nathji. After he had gone, I wondered why he had said: ‘Your Guruji should cure you’. Why did he have to say that?
Piyaji! Some current came into my body and I was a different person, full of vigour!  Today he came and asked me: ‘How are you?’ I said: ‘Top of the world!’ So he examined me. My blood pressure was normal. He was surprised. He said: ‘What medicine did you take?’ I said, ‘No medicine. You told me to think of my Guruji and I thought of him and I was all right!’ He said, ‘I noticed yesterday when you were talking about your Guruji, there was a glow on your face!’
Maharajji never went to Dalhousie, but my house there, which had always remained vacant, has since that time always been rented out. Isn’t that a miracle in itself! I think of my Bhola Nathji! I see his lovely smiling face and he gives me the answer to all my problems.
This is Kaliyug and the Real Thing will take time to take root. May my God Father live for a thousand years!”
Shanta Chaudhri