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Shri Nathji looked at the country he had left behind. The land appeared to be barren, the people fatherless. The particles of Nature rejoiced at the return of Shri Nathji, but the rejoicing was subdued. There were no shrill cries of welcome.
A long figure in a white saree stood at the airport, waiting in silence. It was Veeran Devi, the elder sister of Mateshwari. She had been the only one who had been informed of Shri Nathji’s return.
Shri Nathji had returned to India as silently as he had left it. No newspaper bore the news of his return, no crowds thronged the airport. There was an air of mourning in the atmosphere that threw a blanket over the joy of the Creator’s return.
Shri Nathji had a lot of explaining to do to his devotees. He had left their Divine Mother behind.
We had entrusted her in your safe-keeping, wept Kamla Talwar, you have left our amaanat-our treasure behind!
Where is my mother? said a tearful S.K. Joshi.
The passing away of Mateshwari was a great blow to Shri Bhutt Sahib who had worshipped the Divine Mother for years.
Now that my Mother is gone, I have nothing in this world to live for, he wrote, Mateshwari was my shelter in life. Mujhe to sirf Maa kaa hee sahaaraa thhaa!” 
Shri Nathji’s heart went out towards all who wept for Mateshwari. He offered them consolation, and he narrated the story of her last days in London, untiringly, again and again, to each and every person who came. In the end, the greatest consolation that the devotees of Mateshwari received was that it was Her Will.
Mateshwari had frequently said to Shri Nathji:
I shall pass away in London, and you will narrate my story to people in India.