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Pran Nath had to return to London within two years in order to retain his entry permit into the United Kingdom. It was Shri Nathji’s wish that he return there, where he was safer than in India. Pran Nath had been very disconcerted by the lawlessness and the corruption that he had seen in his own country, and he knew that he could never reconcile himself to it. He would fight it to the bitter end. But this could prove costly for his life and well-being and he would therefore be safer in a more ordered society in London.
It was Shri Nathji’s desire that Pran Nath remain abroad as his ambassador to the western world, as a symbol of his spirituality, and of Mateshwari’s sacrifice in London. Shri Nathji knew that whenever a world war erupted in the world it began in the western countries. He knew that, for as long as Pran Nath stayed in the West, there would be no world war. Shri Nathji’s work abroad had to continue. Also, London was where they had left Mateshwari behind. And she was there to protect him
And it was thus that in August 1969, Pran Nath decided to leave India and to return to London.
As Pran Nath came to Delhi to board a plane to London, for a brief moment Shri Nathji, too, contemplated going with him. It was an unthinkable idea! To return to a country where he had suffered such a great loss, where his spirituality had been shut off and his health shattered! Only God was capable of such undefinable logic! However, Priya Nath would not hear of it and persuaded Shri Nathji to remain in India.
Shri Nathji and Pran Nath had stayed at the Ranjit Hotel at New Delhi while making arrangements for the flight. Pran Nath had forgotten some important papers at Mussoorie, and Priya Nath had to rush there and bring them back. Finally the day arrived when Pran Nath boarded a plane and was on his way to London.