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While on the one hand, Priya Nath loved Shri Nathji like a son would love his father, on the other hand, his duties were often like that of a protective father–as if Shri Nathji were a small child who needed looking after. Indeed, if Priya Nath were Shri Babaji Maharaj reincarnated, then the protective, fatherly feeling could be easily explained.
For Priya Nath the world held nothing except Shri Nathji. The desire remained within him that either he should leave the world before Shri Nathji or else leave it when he did.
He could not bear the sight or thought of any physical suffering to Shri Nathji. If Shri Nathji so much as cut himself while shaving, Priya Nath would be greatly perturbed.
If Shri Nathji were ill, Priya Nath would loose all taste for food himself. He would eat only as much as Shri Nathji ate, and if Shri Nathji could not eat from illness, he would not eat at all.
This concern for Shri Nathji was instinctive, and spontaneous. Once when Shri Nathji had developed cataract in his eyes and could not see, Priya Nath stopped eating food.
How can I take the food when it is impossible for me to swallow it? he said.
Lala Hargopal, the father-in-law of Shri Nathji used to say to him: Nathji! If anything happens to you it will be our loss. The loss to the world is secondary!
When Shri Babaji Maharaj had passed away, Shri Nathji had said: It is a great loss to the world, and Shri Nathji’s loyal devotee, Sahadeva had said: Yes, it is a loss to the world, Huzoor. But the greatest loss is yours!
Priya Nath could not even bear such a thought, which was why, perhaps, his hand contained a healing touch for Shri Nathji. For some reason, medicines that Priya Nath gave to Shri Nathji with his own hand always proved effective.
Many a time Priya Nath saved Shri Nathji from wrong medication. He purchased a large number of books on medical science and studied them assiduously to be a help to Shri Nathji. Many times he wished he had studied medicine rather then nuclear physics so that he could attend to the health of Shri Nathji.