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Shri Nathji often spoke about the life and death of his beloved Bhutt Sahib in the following words:
“For as long as Bhutt Sahib was in the world he had the best of worldly comforts. I gave him the highest status that he could get, and a peace of mind that was the envy of saints and sages. When he left the world he did so with such great honour. And where he has gone, even the devis and devtaas have welcomed him. Unkaa devi devtaaon ne swaagat kiyaa hai!
“But, tell me, what did Bhutt Sahib take with him? His status as Chief Justice? No, he left that behind. His family? No, he left that behind as well. His provident fund, or his pension? No, he left those behind as well. Then what did he take with him?
“Shall I tell you? He took with him the fruit of the sewaa that he had rendered me. It was the one earning of his life, which gave him peace and happiness while he was living, and which earned for him a place in the Kingdom of Heaven.”
Indeed, for Shri Nathji, there was to be only one Bhutt Sahib. He was to Shri Nathji what Arjuna had been to Lord Krishna or what Hanuman had been to Lord Rama.
Shri Nathji quoted the Sukhmani Sahib:

Sewak ko sewaa ban aayi
Hukam boojh param pad paayi

It behoves a servant well to serve
In service lies the highest status of his life

Indeed, Bhutt Sahib had attained the highest status of his life, in life as well as in death, through the service he had rendered Shri Nathji, whom he believed to be God in human form right up to the last moments of his life.
Shri Nathji celebrated June 23, 1969, on a very quiet note at Mussoorie and in his lecture spoke mostly of his beloved Bhutt Sahib.
The passing away of Mr. Bhutt marked the end of an era in Shri Nathji’s life. Shri Nathji never tired of speaking about his beloved Bhutt Sahib. All his sermons would be punctuated by examples of the devotion of this great devotee–his rise in the spiritual and material realms, his contentment, his loyalty and self-surrender. Shri Nathji’s mission in life had been made complete by the life and death of Shri Ganesh Prasad Bhutt.
Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt continued to live on, spreading Shri Nathji’s message through her books and plays.