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Shyam Singh, the chowkidar Shri Nathji had left behind at Savitri Nivas, had died a long time ago. Before passing away, he had said to his brother, Moosa Singh:
Tell Shri Nathji to for­give me when he comes. I sinned greatly against him when I was in his employ. This terrible suffering I am now undergoing at the time of death is because of my betrayal of a noble master. I know now, that Shri Nathji is God–Bhagwan!
Savitri Nivas had been looked after by an aged, hunch-backed, half-insane, chowkidar during the years of Shri Nathji’s absence. It was a miracle in itself that the house was intact and secure upon Shri Nathji’s return.
A devotee of Shri Nathji had once said:
Shri Nathji can take whatever work he likes from anyone he chooses at any time!

“Shri Nathji jiss se chaahen kaam le sakte hain!”