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On a cold winter night at Mussoorie, Shri Nathji met a Muslim, Imam, by name. A transformation came over him within the first few minutes of his meeting Shri Nathji.
The place was a small cottage beneath Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie. Shri Nathji had gone there in the darkness of the evening to meet this seeker after truth. The Imam had written a book, which brought the Mahabharata theme to a Third World War setting in the twentieth century.
Little did he know that Lord Krishna was as alive and as active in the present age in the form of Shri Nathji, as he had been in the Dwaapar Yuga thousands of years ago.
Suddenly the Imam shut his eyes before Shri Nathji and went into a deep meditation. Shri Nathji raised his hands in the air in a gesture of blessing, and the Imam cried out:
Yes, yes! I can see! I can see!
Later, when the Imam came to Savitri Nivas to say farewell to Shri Nathji before he left Mussoorie, Shri Nathji gave him a cup of tea with his own hand.
Addressing the others present in the room, which included a forest officer, Prem Dev Sharma, and Pran Nath and Priya Nath, he said:
Look at the cup of tea he has given me. It radiates with light. When Shri Nathji raises his hands in the air, beautiful golden rays emanate from it and go out in all directions! They purify the whole world!
Whenever Shri Nathji raised his hands to bless any one person, the rays of his blessings spread to all corners of the earth.

Maa dar pyaalaa akse rukhe yaar deedayem
Ai be khabar za lazzate shurbe mudaame maa

I saw within the cup the reflection of the Face of my Friend,
O thou who art ignorant! What knowest thou of the taste of drinking forever!