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Rajmata Kasmanda was with her mother at Ram Pyari House, which was at one end of Kulri Bazaar above the Kulri Bus Stand, at quite a distance from Savitri Nivas. Her mother, Rajmata Pratapgarh, said to the Rajmata:
I feel that Shri Nathji is in Mussoorie. I just had a vision of him.
He is in London, mother, said Rajmata Kasmanda, and there has been no news of his return to India.
Just then, Moosa Singh, who was the watchman, chowkidar, of Kasmanda House adjacent to Savitri Nivas, came running with the news that Shri Nathji had returned from abroad, and was at his home, Savitri Nivas.
Rajmata Kasmanda hastened to Shri Nathji’s residence. She brought two garlands, one for Shri Nathji and the other for Mateshwari. After paying her obeisances to Shri Nathji, she asked: Where is Mateshwari?
What Shri Nathji told her, robbed her of the happiness she had felt on learning of Shri Nathji’s arrival.
Mateshwari had always been a source of great comfort and peace to her. Because of Mateshwari, women had found an access to Shri Nathji, and could also unburden themselves of their sorrows before her.