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Shri Nathji walked on the Mall Road at Naini Tal, dressed in his bright blue achkan, his orange silk turban and white chooridars and black shoes, looking as majestic and as divine as ever. Priya Nath and Sahadeva were at his side. Little did the tourists and the populace of Naini Tal know that God was walking in their midst.
Shri Nathji and Priya Nath visited a Sikh Chemist on the Mall who was very receptive to Shri Nathji. Shri Nathji’s divine flow of words went out towards the man.
When the Sikh said to Shri Nathji:
“O what a glorious personality you have got! What extraordinary handsomeness! What a radiant glow – noor– there is on your face!”
Shri Nathji said:
“Sardarji, perhaps you are looking at your own face in a mirror!”
And, thereafter, Shri Nathji related to the chemist the account of his meeting with Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya at Dehra Dun. Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya was the Founder of the Benaras Hindu University and a well-known public figure of India. He had been ailing and was in a Nursing Home at Dehra Dun. As Shri Nathji entered his room he lept up on his bed and said with amazement at Shri Nathji’s extraordinarily beautiful personality:

“Aahaa! Aahaa! Aisee moorti kahaan banti hai, kahaan banti hai! Karorron janmon ke apne punya udai hon aur karorron janmon ke Mataa Pitaa ke punya udai hon tab aisee moorti banti hai!”

“Aahaa! Aahaa! Where in the world can one find such a personality! It is only the fruits of millions of years of one’s own good karmas, plus the fruits of millions of ages of one’s parents’ karmas that can produce such a personality!”

And Shri Nathji had responded by saying:

“Panditji, kaheen apnaa hee mukh to naheen darpan men dekh rahe!

“Panditji, perhaps you are looking at your own face in a mirror!”

The chemist was overwhelmed when Shri Nathji said the same thing to him, and he replied: “No, Maharaj, who am I to compare my face with yours!”
Perhaps it was to give the doctor and the chemist his blessings that Shri Nathji had taken such a grave illness upon himself. However, for Priya Nath, it meant losing all joy of the vacation at Naini Tal. He remained ever concerned about Shri Nathji’s condition thereafter for the rest of their stay at Naini Tal.