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Priya Nath immediately thought of taking Shri Nathji back to Mussoorie. He hired a large air-conditioned taxi in which Shri Nathji could lie on the back seat; and they began their drive to Mussoorie with the taxi-driver behind the wheel.
When the car reached the mountain road of Mussoorie in the night, the taxi-driver did not know how to manoeuvre the car on the curves and would have plunged the car into the ravine below.  The powers of evil were still attempting to do their worst. Now that Shri Nathji had escaped their evil machinations of food poisoning, they were making an attempt at causing a car accident.
Priya Nath asked the taxi-driver to stop driving, and took over the wheel from him and drove the car the rest of the way to Mussoorie himself. They reached Mussoorie safe and sound.
A rickshaw was engaged at Library Bus stand, which brought Shri Nathji back to his home, Savitri Nivas. No sooner had he arrived in Mussoorie again than his health began to recover by leaps and bounds, much to the joy of Priya Nath.