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A terrible war had broken out between India and Pakistan during those days. Shri Nathji and Priya Nath followed the course of the war very carefully over the radio and even purchased a new radio so that they could hear the news better.
They would sit in the drawing room for long hours listening to the news about the course the battle was taking.
Shri Nathji was very angry with Pakistan for the atrocities, which it was committing in East Pakistan, later known as Bangla Desh, and with each speech of its leaders over Radio Pakistan, which Shri Nathji listened to, Shri Nathji would say with great anger:
“Aisaa seedhaa karoongaa ke yaad karoge! I will straighten you out in a way you will remember!”
There was disconcerting news that America was supporting Pakistan. Shri Nathji was outraged with America. He had always had a great love for the Americans, but here they were, being completely misguided by leaders with warped minds.
While thousands of people were being slaughtered by the Pakistani forces in East Bengal, America was siding with Pakistan.
President Richard Nixon of America became a thorn in Shri Nathji’s side. Shri Nathji would be seen frequently speaking in anger at Nixon’s antics. It appeared that Pakistan, America and China were going to gang up against India .The worst that had been anticipated by the people of India seemed to be in the making.
While the hand of China was miraculously halted, America seemed to be jumping onto the war on the side of Pakistan. Not being content with the arms and ammunition and money that America had given Pakistan, the Americans were now openly going to help Pakistan win the brutal war.
There was ominous news over the radio that Nixon had sent the Seventh Fleet of the United States into the Bay of Bengal and it was drawing closer and closer to India. The Fleet carried nuclear weapons.
All of a sudden, the war had taken a sinister turn. Just when the Indian forces were winning a victory over Pakistan in East Bengal, America had converged upon the scene, determined to help Pakistan and to defeat and humiliate India.