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When Shri Nathji came up to live at his house at Mussoorie, he discovered that the Savitri Nivas Cottage was full of strangers, who claimed to be his tenants! It was a mischief perpetrated by those who had an ugly eye on Shri Nathji’s property, and who thought that Shri Nathji had left India forever. A rumour had even been spread in Mussoorie by the same mischievous elements that Shri Nathji was no longer in the world.
Priya Nath at once made complaints to the magistrate. It was his duty to safeguard Mateshwari’s property at all costs. Mateshwari had remained worried about her house at Mussoorie while she was in London, and often feared that people would try to occupy it illegally. Her premonitions had proved to be true. It was a very great strain on Shri Nathji and Priya Nath, who were already in a state of mourning, to have to battle with criminal elements so soon after their return. However, miraculously the people quit the cottage and left.