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There was a little girl named Ujwala, who sat close to Shri Nathji on that particular occasion. She sat along with her father, Shri Narsikar, and pressed one foot of Shri Nathji. And on that day, Shri Nathji did an unusual thing–he patted her on her back. This was something Shri Nathji never did with children. There was a divine significance behind that pat on the back which was to manifest itself twenty years later in 1987. Shri Nathji had chosen her, far ahead of time, for a distinct purpose in life, unknown even to her.
Her father, Shri Narsikar, was an ardent worshipper of Mateshwari, and had made a temple dedicated to her in his home. It was the first ever Mateshwari Temple. His daughter, Ujwala, was destined to one of the highest seats in the spiritual realm which would be revealed by the passage of time.
The elder sister of Mateshwari, Vidyawati, had sent her daughter, Urmil Malhotra, for Shri Nathji’s darshan and blessings. Deep down in her heart, Vidyawati had desired that Urmil be accepted in marriage for Priya Nath, so that another person from the Hargopal family would become a part of Shri Nathji’s family. Urmil was a translator in the Hindi department of the Government of India. Unknown to her she was to play a vital part in the divine drama, which though not of marriage, was to be of great historical significance.
Shri Nathji could take his work from anyone at any time regardless of whether that person was a devotee or not.