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“Think of a mother going to a party in a very expensive sari. Just as she is about to leave, her child steps into a mud puddle and begins to cry out to his mother. The child is an extremely troublesome one. But does the mother stop to think that the child is bothersome? Does she stop to think that her expensive sari will be spoiled? No. These thoughts do not even exist in her mind.
“The moment she hears the cries of her child and sees him sinking in the mud, she rushes forth and saves him. She lifts him from the mud and embraces him. 
“Therefore, if a mother can have this much of love for her child, why cannot God have a love for man which is at least equal to, if not greater than, the love of a mother for her child?
“It is said that God is an ocean of Love, and He has given one drop from that ocean of Love to a mother.
“This parable offers hope to all of humanity, even to those people who might be afraid to approach God for fear of their sins and shortcomings.
“God is always there to forgive man, to take him into His arms along with his sins, and to cleanse him of the sins thereafter. Man has but to cry out to God in a genuine spirit of repentance.”