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During those days of 1946, there were some difficulties with regard to Shri Nathji’s rented premesis, Shadi Bhavan, at Mussoorie. Shri Nathji was loathe to leave the house and wished to sort out matters at Mussoorie first, before taking his family there.
And it was thus that in the first week of April 1946 Shri Nathji brought Mateshwari and the children to his house at 25 Inder Road Dehra Dun, and, after leaving them there, he went to Mussoorie accompanied by Shri Bhutt who had come along with him from Delhi.
Shri Nathji and Bhutt sorted matters out with the agent of the landlord at Shadi Bhavan and thereafter Shri Nathji sent a telegram to Mateshwari at Dehra Dun telling her that all was well at Mussoorie. He came down himself to Dehra Dun and then brought his family to Mussoorie, where he continued to reside at Shadi Bhavan like before. Bhutt left for his work at Delhi.
Although the owner of the house, Shri Anurag Narain Sinha, had developed great devotion for Shri Nathji, it was the agent of the house with whom Shri Nathji had to deal with all the time, and Shri Nathji made it a point to pay the rent punctiliously.
The son of Shri Anurag Narain Sinha, Shri D.N. Sinha, had become a great devotee of Shri Nathji during his stay at Shadi Bhavan. He would frequently go out for afternoon walks with Shri Nathji, recollecting in later days how Shri Nathji would go around Camel’s Back Road and then walk along the entire length of the Mall Road from Kulri to Library, returning once again to Camel’s Back Road and Shadi Bhavan.
Shri Nathji would walk ever so swiftly with the gait of a young man that Shri D.N.Sinha found it difficult to keep up with him, even though he was a young man of about twenty, studying for his M.A. at the time. Shri Nathji was then 44 years old in 1946 in the prime of middle age.
On June 23, 1946, Shri Nathji’s birthday was celebrated at Shadi Bhavan, as also at Majestic Cinema Hall. Shri D.N. Sinha took pride in accompanying Shri Nathji to the hall, carrying the aasana, a soft, decorated velvet cloth for the seat of Shri Nathji’s chair in his hands, and walking respectfully by the side of Shri Nathji.
In later years he was to recall the miraculous manner of Shri Nathji’s speaking. There was a time when Shri Nathji spoke for five hours at a stretch at the Rialto Theatre and the people were not conscious of the passage of time!
It was also a miracle that even though Shri Nathji spoke without a microphone his voice reached even the last rows of the hall and was heard by every man inside.
In later years in life, Shri D.N. Sinha was to feel the effect of his close association with Shri Nathji during the days of his youth. When insurmountable difficulties came in his life, the passing away of loved ones, litigations, and illnesses, he was filled with a strange power from within, which was clearly not his own, but that of Shri Nathji, which he acknowledged frequently. He even said at one point:
“The ‘S’ in Spirituality stands for Shri Nathji. I cannot live without his blessings for a even a single moment!”