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Shri Nathji often said:
“Ham har ek ki sun lete hain. Issee liye to Bhole Nath hain!
“I listen to everyone’s prayers that is why I am known as Bhole Nath – an innocent Nath!”
Shri Nathji would often say jokingly:

“Agar Chatur Nath miltaa to barraa hisaab kitaab kartaa! If you had met an over-clever Nath- a Chatur Nath – he would have been very calculating!”

Shri Nathji would humorously tell the story of Lord Shankar who had at one time gone on a virtual spree of answering people’s prayers. No matter what a person prayed for, it was granted to him. Paarvatiji, the spouse of Lord Shankar, became so disconcerted that she ran inside the house, lest Lord Shankar give her away as well in a fit of generosity!
Shri Nathji used to narrate the following verse in Persian:

Kaan raa ke badaadand badaadand badaadand
Vaan raa ke na daadand na daadand na daadand

He whom God gives, He gives and He gives!
But He, whom He does not give, He does not give, and never gives!

Shri Nathji would translate the above Persian words beautifully in Hindi as:
Jisko dete hain, dete hain, aur phir diye chale jaate hain
Aur jisko naheen dete, naheen dete, aur phir naheen dete!