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Shri Nathji also explained that the desires within man took him away from his original state of peace, which was really a state where he was merged in God.
Shri Nathji said that the real self of man, in his inherent state, was that of absolute peace. It was only when a desire arose within him that he became at unrest. This happened because the desire separated man from his real self.
As soon as the desire was satiated, man returned to his real self, his soul, and felt at peace within. Thus the separation of man from his soul was the cause of unrest and his returning to his soul was peace.
You are sitting alone with yourself absolutely at peace. You are one with your real self, your soul. Then suddenly a desire arises within you to purchase a car. The desire takes you away from your soul and you spend your energies in restlessness and worries until you acquire the car. Once you have acquired the car, the desire which had arisen in your heart disappears, and you return to your original self and are at peace again. If no desires were ever to arise in your mind, you would remain perpetually with your real self, the soul, and always experience peace.
This was what Shri Babaji Bhagwan had meant when he had said: I am convinced there is no condition higher than that silence which comes of the abandonment of all desires.