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It was 1947. In the distant town of Pinjar, in the area now known as Maharashtra, there was a doctor of Jails, a certain Doctor Purekar. He had been troubled by a strange dream for several days. A voice spoke to him that God had come down to earth in human form, and many a time he saw a divinely radiant figure that continued to live with him in his thoughts.
He spoke about this to his brother-in-law, Shri Bal Ojarkar, a school teacher of Akola, but he could make nothing of it.
Dr. Purekar became restless. The dream would occur again and again with greater and greater frequency. It appeared as if Dr. Purekar’s soul was about to burst out of his body in search of the Universal Soul.
Dr. Purekar was transferred to Chandrapur where he met Shri Maandanbhai who invited him to his house.
Dr. Purekar ­had the greatest surprise of his life when inside the man’s house he saw a portrait of the figure of his dreams! Maandanbhai had met Shri Nathji when he had come to Chandrapur in March 1946.
It was as if God had appeared before Dr. Purekar in human form. Maandanbhai gave Dr. Purekar the address of Smt. Gangabai Bhutt, and Dr. Purekar forthwith wrote to her.
Shri Nathji is in Lahore, Mrs. Bhutt wrote back, If you want his darshan, reach Lahore immediately.
Lahore was hundreds of miles away, but Dr. Purekar did not care for the distance. He left for Lahore that very day. A magnetic force was drawing him towards his destination. At Lahore station he met a tongawala who asked him:
“Aapne Bhagwan ke pass jaana hai? Do you wish to go to meet God?
Dr. Purekar was astonished. The tongawala took him to a house in Anarkali, and, much before Dr. Purekar could pay him, he disappeared.
Dr. Purekar went upstairs. Shri Nathji was sitting before him. At the sight of Shri Nathji, Dr. Purekar found himself in another world. He went close to Shri Nathji, and introduced himself.
Shri Nathji touched him on his back. The next instant he burst out into tears, crying out loudly. The Divine Form of Shri Nathji was revealed to him–the Viswarupa that Lord Krishna had revealed to Arjuna. The doors of Dr. Purekar’s soul burst open and it was flooded with Light. The figure of his dreams had been Shri Nathji.

Lo Aakirash aayaa vo din ikraar pooraa ho gayaa
Sadiyon ki manzil kat gayi sab kaar pooraa ho gayaa

The day came at last, the day when the promise was fulfilled,
The waiting of the ages was over, and all the tasks were done

And thus a long and lasting relationship was to be established, between Shri Nathji and Maharashtra.