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Shri Nathji often told the story of Draupadi. One day Lord Krishna cut his finger and the bleeding would not stop. Lord Krishna looked around him helplessly trying to find a piece of cloth which he could tie on the wound but could not find any. Queen Draupadi saw his plight and was so worried that she tore off a piece of cloth from her expensive sari and applied the cloth to the wound on Lord Krishna’s finger.
Later, when bad days came upon Draupadi and she was being forcibly stripped by the evil Kauravas, she prayed to Lord Krishna and a miracle occurred. She found herself draped by a countless number of sarees.
Draupadi met Lord Krishna after the incident and said to him: “O Lord, you had the power to grant me so many sarees! But why could you not materialise a little piece of cloth to tie on your bleeding finger?”
Lord Krishna replied: “Draupadi, if I had materialized a piece of cloth for my own finger, what excuse would I have had for giving you the countless sarees when you needed them!
“Tujhe kyaa bahaanaa banaakar itnee saariyaan detaa!”
Draupadi understood. The entire episode had been a drama enacted by Lord Krishna to give Draupadi a chance to serve Him – so that later he could come to her aid. It had been the excuse that Lord Krishna sought to help Draupadi.