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Those were the days when Shri Ganesh Prasad Bhutt was an Additional District Judge at Betul in the regions then known as Central Provinces, but which later came to be known as Madhya Pradesh. Bhutt had been thirsting for Shri Nathji’s darshan since long. His duties as a judge left him with little time to travel the large distance to Mussoorie for Shri Nathji’s darshan and he had to be content with the image of Shri Nathji within his heart.
He would say to people: “How fortunate I and my wife are that we have found God upon earth and can talk to him, listen to his words and have his darshan. For those who have not been granted this sight, there is only the folklore of the past to turn to, gods and goddesses whom they have never seen. Our life has found fulfillment.
“I wish Shri Nathji would do some miracle that would take us close to him so that we could be of some service to him. Of what use having come into this world if we cannot even serve God with our own hands? I pray to Shri Nathji to grant us close proximity to him.”
Ganesh Prasad Bhutt arrived in Lahore during the Christmas Holidays of December 1944 along with his wife Gangabai Bhutt and a close friend and colleague of his, Shri Khaaskalam, who was a public prosecutor at Betul. There were about ten persons who accompanied Bhutt from Betul for the darshan of Shri Nathji at Lahore.
Khaaskalam had lost his bedroll somewhere in transit during the long train journey from Betul to Lahore. Mateshwari gave a fresh bedding to Khaaskalam for his use in the Dharamsaala, where he was staying.
How fortunate we would have been, if we had lost our beddings as well, said the other devotees who had accompanied him from Be­tul, we too would have got fresh beddings from the Divine Moth­er’s home!”
As Shri Nathji’s fountain of spirituality began to shower upon his visitors, Bhutt Saheb noticed, much to his dismay, that his friend, Khaaskalam, was not receiving any inspiration. The moment Shri Nathji would send out his divine waves towards him, these would be returned unaccepted. Finally, Shri Nathji called Khaaskalam to himself and placed his hand upon his back.
Inner Light flooded his soul. His worldly pride disappeared, and he prostrated himself at Shri Nathji’s feet.
Bhutt Saheb heaved a sigh of relief. He turned to Shri Nathji and said: “I was becoming faint with the thought that my friend was getting nothing, but you finally gave him your Grace!”
And Khaaskalam said: “I am leaving your darbaar taking God with me!”
After he had returned home to Betul, he wrote a letter to Shri Nathji: Imagine my surprise on returning home and discovering that my bedroll had been sent here! I worried about it for nothing! If only you had blessed me as much as you did my missing bedroll, I would have attained salvation, my boat would have reached shore!”
And Shri Nathji wrote to him: Khaaskalam, you must have been blessed first, which is why your bedroll received attention!”
Shri Nathji was fond of narrating this incident in his sermons. It brought out amply God’s care for his children on earth. Even the smallest details in a man’s life were looked after by God when once He had chosen to give Himself to him.