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Shri Nathji wrote another very humorous story in Atma Vijay which showed that the world could not exist separately, side by side with God, and that what man saw as the world was in fact God–Brahm. Shri Nathji’s argument was incontrovertible and also very scientific.
Since God was infinite, nothing could exist outside of him. If we were to say the world existed alongside God, we would be implying that the world begins where God ends. Both, God, and the world, would become limited. If we were to look upon even an atom as existing outside of God then again we would be making God limited– God would end where the atom began. Thus the concept of an infinite God implied that nothing could exist outside of Him. Therefore this vast and magnificent Universe which also appears to be infinite in extent, could not exist outside of God. Then what is the Universe with all its stars and galaxies? The Universe is simply God Himself. It was His Will to appear before man in the form of the Universe! It was His Will to place the veil of Maayaa over Himself and to appear disguised in the form of the Universe before man. God and His Universe were in fact One.