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“On the one side there is man, and on the other side there is God. In between there is the world. Man must pass through the world in order to reach God. Life is a journey through the world. But the journey is not without meaning, for without the journey you cannot reach your destination. It is sad that man begins to think of the journey as his home, and forgets about his real home where he has to go.
“Safar ko to ghar banaa baithe hain aur jis ghar men jaanaa hai usskaa pataa naheen.
“Man must pass through the world remembering God all the time. In any happiness that he finds in the world, he must thank God. In the sorrows that come, he must pray to God for help. If the sorrows are removed, well and good; if they are not removed he must ask for strength to bear them. And, thus, keeping God by his side, he must pass through every phase of life with God as his companion, knowing that his ultimate destination is God.”