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Shri Nathji used to say:
Only He who has created the Bhav Saagar, the Ocean of Life and Death, can take you across it. If anyone else were to do it he would be belittling the Bhav Saagar!
I ask those who claim to take others across whether they have reached the destination themselves or whether they are still away from it?
“If they have reached the destination, it would mean that they have attained salvation-mukti-and have gone from the world of the living forever. How then can they come back and take others across?
“On the other hand if they have not reached the destination themselves, then how can they know what lies there, and how can they tell others about it and take others there?
“There is only One who can take you across the Bhav Saagar – and he is One who has come into this world especially with that purpose!
Shri Nathji would say:

Main Bhav Saagar se paar karne naheen aayaa.
Main Bhav Saagar ko hee samaapt karne aayaa hoon!

I have not come to take you across the Bhav Saagar,
I have come to finish the Bhav Saagar itself!