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While Shri Nathji was God Incarnate to many, and an intellectual par excellence to others, he was an ideal husband and an ideal father at home.
He played his part to perfection in every sphere. He kept meticulous records of the smallest things at home to help Mateshwari, including the list of clothes given to the dhobi-washerman, or the food brought from the market.
He kept a strict track of the school records of the children as also their mark sheets and school fees and the dates of payment. He dabbled through the smallest details of bank records and set aside small amounts in the names of the children. He dealt with the rent payments, as well as the devotees who lived with him.
While dictating the highest of spiritual philosophies at Shadi Bhavan to Shyam Lal Kasera, Shri Nathji would ever be involved in the tiniest details of worldly life.
His life showed to the world that real spiritual life lay not in renouncing the world but in immersing oneself in one’s worldly tasks to the point of perfection, taking them all to be God’s work.