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For the next few months Shri Nathji’s address at Lahore was to be 166 Anarkali, which was the residence of Lala Hargopal. The people of Lahore were thrilled even as Shri Nathji came back to them after a long gap of four years. He had left early in 1941 and had not returned since that time. There were the familiar faces of the devotees once again – the brothers and sisters of Mateshwari, Sohan Lal Khosla and Charan Das, Master Ram Nath, Bhagat Ram and numerous others. Multitudes began to throng to him again. The city of Lahore had come alive again with the presence of Shri Nathji. And there was Shri Nathji quoting the verse:

Phir bahaar aayi chaman men Iqbal ghazal khwaan ho
Guncha hai agar, gul ho, gul hai to gulshan ho
Spring has come again into the garden, O Iqbal, sing thou with joy,
If thou art a bud, become thou a flower, and, if a flower, become thou a garden

As the devotees of Shri Nathji poured into the house of Lala Hargopal for Shri Nathji’s darshan, Lala Hargopal and Mateshwari felt themselves blessed. When the devotees thanked them for the hospitality bestowed upon them, Mateshwari thanked them in turn and said:

“Hamaari itnee kismat kahaan thhee ke Nathji ke bhakt hamaare ghar aate!

“We could not even imagine it would be our good fortune to welcome Shri Nathji’s devotees into our home!”

Vo aayen hamaare ghar men ye hamaari kismat hai
Kabhi ham unko kabhi apne ghar ko dekhte hain

He has come to our house, it is our fortune,
We look upon him and upon our house in turns